beborn gel 全16色SET

beborn color gel collection


beborn color gel collectionでは、心を魅了する「色」に大きな価値をおき、美しく生きようと美を尊ぶジャポニズムの思想と共に、色から広がる想像の旅をお届け致します。

Colors have created a spirit of beauty in the circle of seasons.
Since ancient times, Japanese people have been taking various colors into the daily lives,
discovering the sophisticated world of colors and loving its spiritual mood.
In "be born color gel collection",we place great value on "colors",which fascinates the people's mind.
We will take you to the journey of imagination through colors, along with ideas of japonism, which
respects beauty for stunning lives.

36W UVライト:60秒 / 36W LEDライト:30秒


1個 4g


¥ 18,000

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